Muzo :The anti vibration acoustic device

There come moments in your life when you just want to shut yourself from the world. It might be due to a bad day at the office,  some heated argument with your friends or parents, or various other reasons. In times like that, even normal everyday sounds, like a pressure cooker and the chirping of birds is enough to irritate your nerves. All you want to do is just lock yourself in your room and stay in bed throughout the day. But even then, some or the other sounds are cruel enough to sneak in and hinder your peaceful aura. Remember those chatterboxes from your school and college life? Oh! The urge to shut them up! Until now, you didn’t have any choice but to pray the noise gets dismissed. Now however,  you have within your fingertips a wonderful device that is made just for this purpose.

About Muzo :

Muzo is the first acoustic device that applies the principle of anti-vibration technology to prevent unnecessary sounds to enter and distract you. Not only that, Muzo utilizes the famous Billionsound Technology, powered by BST, which generates dynamic realistic sounds. The sounds are used to set the scene and remove noise. The Muzo inventors have set up 3 different modes for the operation of the same. They are as listed below:

  1. Serenity mode: This mode is frequently used. It is used to create a silent place using the principle of anti-vibration.
  2. Sleep mode: This mode is used to enable better quality of sleep by using scene creation.
  3. Secret mode: This mode comes in handy during discussion of confidential information. It is used to protect speech privacy using sound masking. Basically, it’s like creating your own little privacy bubble.

All you have to do is just stick your Muzo device to a flat surface, like a window. It starts sending vibrations into the surface and in turn uses itself as a sort of large speaker membrane to obtain a noise blocking sound field.


But how is it possible to completely cut off any sound?

We deal with a great deal of noise everyday. But sometimes, due to our mindset, everyday noises seem louder than usual, like someone’s bottle falling down in an examination hall. All these noises are sound waves of different amplitudes and frequencies, generally a pressure difference in air, displacing particles as they travel. They tend to lose energy as they move from medium to medium, and away from the source of the sound. Thus, walls, windows and doors around us attenuate the noise coming from outside. What is left of the noise is degraded enough for the Muzo device to perform its magic. All it does is create the same sound wave but with a 180-degree phase difference. So, it acts as an anti-sound agent, much like an antidote; it counteracts the sound thus reducing it to a sufficiently low level.

The above principle of using 180-degree phase difference is used in the serenity mode. Next comes the sleep mode. We know that some people face problems sleeping in absolute silence. For them, it is necessary to have light sleep music or relaxing melodies in the background. In this mode, the device not only prevents outside noises to enter but also reproduces soothing melodies which help a person fall asleep. Finally, we have the private or secret mode. In this mode, Muzo blocks external noises as well as adds four sets of specific sounds. These sounds make it absolutely impossible for any outsider to understand the meaning of your conversation.

Muzo is a compact and portable device. It is the perfect instrument to be used in apartments, hotel rooms, office, hostels and colleges where unwanted and destructive noises are a common problem. At an average cost of approximately 160 US dollars, it is a must buy for all.


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