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When preparing for that exam, never give up on yourself

psychology of exam stress

When you prepare for an important exam, you should keep in mind that this is just that. An examination. It’s a test of your knowledge and aptitude. Never give up on yourself before you have even started. Sometimes it’s not very easy for us to study certain subjects. We are, each of us built differently, with different aptitudes.

Therefore, you must understand some fundamentals about doing well in your exams. Success, requires just a few things.


Try, try, try and try some more. Nothing happens because you just know it. You have to put in a lot of effort into excelling at your work. Even if it’s a subject you could never get a hang of. If you’ve scored terribly in tests before, it just means you need to spend more time on it. Solve papers at home, ask your friends to score your tests, find solutions on the internet. There is nothing keeping you from doing well except your own hesitation.


It’s a well known fact that learning needs repetition. It isn’t rote learning. It just involves conditioning your brain to assimilate more details about the subject matter. For example, after learning about a physics law, repeat it to yourself a few times. Now that you know the law, think of all the exceptions. Study about the exceptions, study the details. Now repeat these to yourself.
After a while, your mind will expand to accommodate even more details about this law. Separate questions, patterns in the questions will all seem familiar to you now.


Every time you think you’re not cut out for this, ask yourself how many people are? How many people are just born toppers and can write exams without preparation. Maybe one in a million. So, just ask yourself, what makes you different from the toppers? Nothing at all. You can work just as hard or perhaps harder.


You can do this. Believe in yourself. Think about all the times when you have scored well on your tests. Think about the times you have struggled and learned a new concept. While solving papers at home, or in classes, focus on everything you have learned.

Don’t ever tell yourself you are not good enough. Don’t ever think that you cannot do this. This kind of thinking is self sabotaging. You’ll find that this fear alone makes you lose a lot of marks.
Focus on what you know, the rest will fall into place.


Just never give up. You owe it to yourself to keep trying. Failing at something is not reflective of your personality. Failing just means something went wrong that one time. Success, after all, is only that much sweeter after failure.

Never give up


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