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When we talked about Smart Homes in our article . we mentioned how the new wave in technology raises the bar on what can be termed “smart”, and it also brings into question what all can become smart. Sensors, IoT interfacing and AI has made it possible to make virtually every dummy object connected and “smart”. And today, we are going to talk about smart shoes! Specifically, the DIGITSOLE SMARTSHOE. It’s the same old sneakers but upgraded with wearable technology. With our lives running at a fast pace, it is no wonder that these shoes promise to provide ultimate comfort in not only walking but also time saving.

Digitsole Smartshoe is the world’s first intelligent sneaker, with both hardware and software features allowing proper control and personalised feedback. But in what way is this shoe “intelligent”?

This shoe has a multitude of features that make it the next-gen of shoes. It has embedded Bluetooth to connect it to a smart phone. This incorporates connected coaching and monitoring services, which will enable the user to track the number of steps taken, the routes taken and how many calories were lost. But that’s not any different from the number of “health” apps available today, right? Well, the Digitsole Smartshoe has an edge. This shoe has a high-quality tracking system with movement sensors and specific algorithms that give an accurate description of the walking style with respect to force, fatigue, posture and even step size. Once the Digitsole app is installed and connected to the shoe, not only will it track and analyse the walking but also suggest ways to improve walking efficiency and reduce injury and fatigue. And, there’s more.

This shoe has an auto-tightening and cushioning monitoring feature, which means it will automatically move down or up to accommodate with the user’s foot size, adjusting the pressure so that the shoe is comfortable to wear. Bye-bye messy laces! No more stopping to loosen the shoe up, fear of tripping or having to tie it again and again, this shoe is smart! The heating technology allows it to maintain an amiable temperature inside the foot ware. To enable proper use during rains or on watery surfaces, this shoe has been made water resistant too. All it needs now is power to run properly, and it is as easy to charge this shoe as it is to charge a phone. Just plug the USB to the power source.


the Digitsole Smartshoe design

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gadget enthusiast or a health freak, if you’re going to college or have retired. This shoe will make sure that when you walk, you are in safe hands.

Complete with it’s elegant sporty design that makes it look like a futuristic sports car, it’s light weight and sleek build, and the numerous smart features- a double micro USB cable at the back for charging, led lights and manual button, IP66 water and dust resistant technology, smart-heated insole, 3-D grip rubber outside, auto tightening, cushion monitoring, leather make, it’s long life lithium polymer battery (individually rechargeable and fast charging) and it’s good battery backup, it will ensure that you live an active and healthy life within the limits of your own capabilities. It costs around 450$, and comes in a variety of sizes.

So next time you buy a shoe, don’t just buy any shoe; buy a smart shoe!





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