Schooling or non-schooling?

 Let us discuss about some of the boons and banes of preferring non-schooling over school, keeping preparation for IIT as our foremost concern.

Advantages of being a part of non-schooling:

Ample time: When your main focus is only IIT then you save yourself from wasting your time going to school and invest the same in self-study. Self-study is something that the students ought to do in order to achieve success in the competitive examinations. You cannot be confident enough to get up one fine day, a few days before the examination, and start your preparation.

Ample energy: Going to school, attending classes and by the time you reach home you are completely drained out. So, now you need time for some rest and then for coaching classes. And then if at all you are left with some more energy and determination, only then you are able to spare some time for studying hard.

Amicable for a student solely aiming at IIT: There are a number of students taking science as their stream after Class 10th. But how many of them actually aim at IIT as their only goal. Thus non-schooling as an option is ideal only for those who are actually aiming at IIT and are dedicated to work hard for it from the very beginning. There are a lot of people who lose interest in Engineering in spite of taking science, at some point of time, due to number of reasons. Well, in that case let me tell you that even in case of slightest uncertainty in your mind regarding engineering DO NOT go for the dummy school because then your board results will also be considered as an important factor. Also board examination marks is no more a part of your mains rank so again it gives non-schooling an upper hand.

Pondering over it the other way round, dummy schools also have a lot of disadvantages like:

Lack of discipline: Schools help us lead a disciplined life. Getting up on time, following a proper time- table and working in a proper manner gives us a better experience and an upper hand when we move out in the corporate world and is certainly helpful in the long run.

Lack of exposure: A school is always known for providing you a better personality. Once you complete your schooling you are a person who can talk to others and initiate a conversation because you are meeting and talking to people every day (provided you are not an extremely introvert person). Other than studying you indulge yourself in a lot of activities out there in school which is something you cannot overlook.

Fun at school: These will be the last two years of your school time where you learn a lot of things. This is also the time when you have a lot of fun at school which will be one of the best days of your life. And if you promise to invest only a few hours and weekends judiciously you can do it. More than time what matters is your dedication and concentration while studying.


It solely depends on you how you are going to utilize these two crucial years at your disposal.

Opting for non-schooling is a kind of risk business; you need to be very sure about before landing up to a decision like that. But if at all you are determined to crack IIT and get through it then you need to take certain precautions before you opt for non-schooling:

  1. Look for the best teachers and coaching institutes around and make sure that you are in the top batches where you get the best teachers. Make sure that you clear your basics before you jump to the complexities in a chapter.
  2. Do not waste your time assuming that you have got a lot more time than others because you do not have to go to a school. Instead make the most of the time for self-study and practicing questions.
  3. Do not forget to take proper intervals between your study times. Most of the students are so busy and engrossed in studies that they end up getting nothing into their head in comparison to their efforts. To avoid such kinds of misshapen, do take breaks between your study periods.
  4. Make sure that you are up to date with the board syllabus as well. Because opting for non-schooling does not mean that you can escape from appearing for board-examinations.

Once you know that your ultimate goal is to crack IIT, you are ready to work for it day in and day out and you know that your coaching institute provides you with the basic concepts in addition to preparing you for IIT, go for it. Thus, analyse all the points, set yourself according the points in the most comfortable situation and then decide. Remember one thing that something which is good for you may not be beneficial for the other person. Therefore, it is very important to make a decision like this based on your comfort zone and not on what others are doing.



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