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Online Portals Paving Way for JEE Aspirants.


We the JEE aspirants of the day belong to the internet-savvy generation. Given the massive pond of internet there is lot of resource  to dive in and to learn, practice, revise and repeat. Online Portals are hence doing the trick.

With JEE preparation comes a lots of responsibilities, pressure and varying tensions . For a person or JEE aspirants as working hard these unimportant tensions should be as short lived as possible. For each student there are less hands to help. There are  more mouths to question. Hence, students have to maintain it all by themselves.


There peep in the different online portals which are paving way for the students who have an appetite for success hence these websites exist and are wonderful knowledge sources providing a wide range of topics and skills.  To make the lives easier and eerie free there are wide variety of portals each with different motives.

So what is provided??

The  Study Material

Books and study materials are the basic food for knowledge . Various portals and websites these days provide video lectures, eBooks, solved questionnaire, practice problems and what not at your service. Most of the times these services are free for all JEE aspirants.


And next on the list is the tutor, guide to your soul but for some this is not the case. Many a times you don’t like the teaching styles . Sometimes you are too introvert to ask a question. So online portal are at your doorsteps or rather at your desks. They provide experts from all over the country or may be world, willing to help you efficiently and effectively at any time of your choice. Even you can interact through video conferences.


Usually when a student comes across a question that he is not able to solve and it should be shown immediately, because over the course of time it gets forgotten. So we need a source of information where you can ask questions and get it answered by experts. For an example Winuall is an online portal serving the same needs .They have great success stories over the course.  There quality is paramount. Each and every student should surely give it a try.


Our next checkbox to JEE preparation is self-organization and stress removal. Students can always login to the portals where they get help from counselors, discuss with the folks going through same life routines . They have  experts who have already paved success through same rigorousness.



And now comes the motivation to do more, which may come from encouraging words or may be through relaxation. The first thought will force you to  think of Ted talks but that’s not all. Internet give access to many more interactive and encouraging material to listen to.

Stress Busters

With most IIT aspirants having access to smartphones and tablets, they can make their lives a whole lot easier hence if you find yourself idle on Sundays, explore Google Play for the best productivity games and apps. This step will make your personal and professional life much more informed and organized.

A platform

As an IIT aspirant, you need to give free reign to your thoughts. Hence, you should create an independent blog, which will also enhance your writing skills. With thorough writing, your thought process becomes clearer. What’s more, your outlook toward life will definitely broaden.

 Therefore log out of chit chat and satisfy your success appetite through the new generation way of internet and online portals or the way we millennial like to call the savage way. Try your best, even if you don’t come out with flying colors, at least you will have the knowledge to take a flight on your dreams. Moreover always remember, no skill ever gets wasted.




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