Online Vs offline – which mode is best for competitive exams


In a world which grows at a lightning fast speed, competition is what one faces for getting success. We are told about this aspect of the world straight from our childhood. When entering the kindergarten we are unaware of the meaning of competition. But as our age increases, we become aware of this aspect of life.

Competition is not at all a new thing. We have faced it since the times we were cavemen. The only difference lies in the resources we competed for. The caveman competed for the resources like food, shelter, water etc. We in the modern day are competing for getting into educational institutes and the institutes which provide us with jobs.

The entry to these institutes is given on the basis of competitive exams. Today, we are going to talk about the best mode for you to give these exams.


There are many misconceptions amongst the students about the above issue.

  1. Students think that there is a difference in the difficulty level of online and offline examinations.
  2. They think that the problems in internet connections can hamper their results.
  3. They think that they get some extra time if the invigilator is cooperative and many more…

Speaking of difficulty level, there can be any random difficulty level in any mode of examination. There is no particular long-term trend that makes anyone mode more difficult than the other.

The online exams are saved on LAN (Local Area Network) and are independent of the internet speed.

When researched properly one would find that there are more advantages of giving an online exam than giving an offline one.

Benefits of online exams

The following are the benefits-

  1. Online answer filling is a one-click process while OMR filling is time-consuming.
  2. There are more possibilities of filling the wrong bubble in the offline exam. In the online examination minimize the error as there is one question displayed at one time.
  3. The slot selection of online exams is much more flexible than offline exams.
  4. Only one click is required to change the answer in online exams. In offline exams the process of changing an already marked answer is difficult.
  5. Online exams have highlighted review questions.
  6. The candidate submits the information beforehand in online examinations.

All the above information clearly tells us the fact that online examinations overpower the benefits of offline examination.

The rest is on the candidate to make the decision to choose the mode of the examination. Whatever mode one chooses, he/she should be comfortable in it.

We wish that you would perform the best in the upcoming examinations. Choose wisely.

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