How to overcome your math-anxiety

Math-anxiety before an Exam



In a class of 50 students, 40 students suffer from an anxiety or a phobia commonly known as math-anxiety. Is it because of their low mental ability or potential or is it because it is “MATHS” and not any other subject? Recently, high court has put up suggestions for making maths as an optional subject in the board examinations.

The most probable responses to such an implementation may be as follows:

Suppose that a student suffering with math-anxiety does not opt for maths, he will regret his preference at a later stage.

Or a student may be forced to opt for maths against his will

And the third bunch of overwhelmed lots for whom maths is always the favorite option.

For both the first and the second set of people maths is just a forceful obligation and not something pleasant. But what is the reason behind the “MATH-ANXIETY” thing? Maths is not a subject that could be overpowered in a day or two. It’s like a chain which begins at a young stage and continues to clutch you for the rest of your life. But what if the base itself is weak? It will certainly give rise to a weak foundation. Consequently maths will be nothing but a burden at later stages. Math-anxiety may also be genetic in some cases.

Well, if you face such problems let me assure you it’s never too late. So start working on your mathematics skills, brush up your prior concepts regularly and work on your weaknesses to see the magic happen!

 Day to day practice:  Invest at least two hours every day in solving sums relevant to your prescribed syllabus. Keep this in mind that instead of solving the same type of questions go for a variety of them involving varying approaches. This will prepare you to solve questions in exams.

Prior concepts: As I have already discussed that maths is not about a day or two but it all depends on your basics from the beginning. So you can’t ignore it. For those of us who are not clear with certain basics could work on them. One can also solve certain tricky mathematics questions in order to broaden your thinking as well as level.

Clear your doubts: NEVER pile up your doubts. This is like the worst mistakes the students could ever commit. This is one of the most obvious reasons behind a weak foundation. Therefore, forget about what the teacher will think or about other students, just sort it out.

Beyond the scope of your prescribed syllabus: If time permits try to learn more and more. Do not stop. You’ll observe that once you start solving tricky questions based on your clear concepts you will develop interest. You can do such things in long weekends or holidays when you can spare sometime from your studies.

STOP memorizing: Mathematics is a subject about logic. So other than the trigonometric formulas and identities and other formulas, do not memorize the solutions. Memorizing the solutions may help you get through the examinations but not prove of any help in the long run.

Some sites to sharpen your mental maths skill and speed up your calculation:

it's all about logic


These are some steps you could follow to help yourself overcome the so called maths fear.

There is one thing I would like to tell you: If you have assumed something as impossible then you could never do it, come What May. On the other hand if you have faith in the existence of a possibility you will see it happen someday or the other. So do not give up without a fight.


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