Placement Trends in Different Branches

Hello Everyone , Today our topic is little less serious but yet very important and one of the most talked about ever. PLACEMENTS , yes , you read that right . “Sharma Ji ke Bete ka package 25 LPA hai “. We do worry about placements and this is something we definitely look for before choosing any college. Does this college offer good placements ? How much is the average package? etc. etc. Well, every branch has a different variety of placements offered so let’s see trends in placements of different branches.

  • Computer Science Engineering

Without a doubt this branch is currently experiencing the thug life ,  specifically in India. With humongous packages being offered every other day and its almost never ending. In the past 10-15 years , the IT industry has faced a huge hype and all of it totally worth it. No surprise , this branch is always the one with the most demand. You’re in the safe zone if you’re if you have CSE and are doing atleast something with it.

The average (median) salary is around  8 Lakh rupees per year.


  • Information Technology Engineering

Just a subset of CSE , I don’t even understand why was this branch even created , maybe so that more students could be accommodated under the same branch but just with a different name. Very slight difference between the overall placements between CSE and IT . Just two siblings with different routes and same destination.

The average salary for a IT Engineer is  6 Lakh rupees per year.

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

One of the most underrated branch , and no doubt the evergreen branch. Some might say this branch faces a slump when it comes to placements but I would like to differ . There are some tech giants ,like Intel, which prefer ECE students rather than CSE or IT lads . It offers a perfect blend of Electronics and Computer.

The average salary for a ECE Engineer is  3.8 Lakh rupees per year.


  • Mechanical Engineering

The aged soldier. Value remains the same but the demand has decreased over time due to the evolution of IT Industry . Only the brightest and deserving get placed in core branches whereas some end up working in IT companies , totally out of their domain. Sad , but truth.

The average salary for a Mechanical Engineer is  3.6 Lakh rupees per year.2

  • Civil Engineering

The branch who probably never gives a damn about any other branch . It has a spectrum of its own where one has lot to explore. There’s a varying demand of civil engineers every year. A normal branch with good placements phase and a bad placements phase.

The average salary for a Civil Engineer is  3.4 Lakh rupees per year.3

  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Not a hype yet but definitely one with huge scope in future and in Research Department , there’s a little struggle if you want to make a career in India with this branch. It has a wider scope outside India. It’s a broad field and can lead to opportunities in several fields (academia, chemical industries, R&D, even in ISRO and NASA!).

The average salary for a Chemical Engineer is  4.2 Lakh rupees per year.




  • Biotech Engineering

One of the most beautiful branches that joins medical sciences with Engineering. Again , a great scope in research , infact very huge, but better placements outside India.

The average salary for a BioTech Engineer is  5.7 Lakh rupees per year.

  • Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering does have a very wide ‘scope’ in India and abroad.Everything from missiles and rockets to shapes of race cars have been touched by an aerospace engineer along the way.You could work at the multitude of government organisations like ISRO,DRDO,HAL,NAL.

The average salary for a Engineer is  8 Lakh rupees per year.


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