Pomodoro technique for students

The Problem

The students have an enormous pressure on themselves all the time. The pressure is of competition and getting ahead of others.

Students have this usual problem of having lack of interest in studying. They think that sitting down and reading for long hours is boring. This is certainly true.

Many types of research have shown that the human mind becomes less effective after a given period of time. So, working for long hours on the same subject can hamper the comprehensive ability of the brain.

Also, some students have the problem of giving importance to only their favorite subjects. This hampers their performance in other subjects which have the same amount of marks in the examination.

The Solution

For the solutions of all the above problems, we have a technique which is best suited for students who want to study faster. Not only that, this technique makes the boring subjects interesting.

Francesco Cirillo in the early 90s made this phenomenal technique called the Pomodoro technique.

Here, we divide our daily work into small tasks. Then we set a timer and do the first task for twenty-five minutes and take a five-minute rest. Then we move on to the second task and repeat the procedure till we complete at least four tasks. At the end of the fourth task, we take a longer rest.


This technique has several advantages:

  1. It helps us to manage our time
  2. Pomodoro helps us to deal with distractions.
  3. It decreases boredom.
  4. Pomodoro maintains motivation.
  5. It improves work planning.

All these pros sound really good and make Pomodoro a great technique to practice.


But there are some extreme cases where this technique doesn’t work. Some of them are:

  1. When one has to think creatively and out of the box which requires much time.
  2. When the person is not able to handle so much information during a short duration of time.

But these are only extreme cases and will not be tackled by the majority of the students. To conclude, we can say that Pomodoro technique can be a life-changing technique for the majority to deal with studying issues.



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