Reading list to inspire you through tough times

In tough or trying times, we often start to lose faith in ourselves. This might be exam stress, or worrying about what the future holds. In all these moments maybe what we need is a few words of wisdom.

If you like to read, and need a pick-me-up, here is a small list of books that’ll help you through.



This book centers around a young boy in high school. He begins to question the meaning of his life while struggling with his school work. For anyone who might have felt like they have trouble coping with their academics, this book is a wonderful reminder that they are not alone. Catcher in the Rye captures the essence of teenage troubles perfectly and poignantly.

Catcher in the Rye



This book speaks in the perspective of a dog as he goes through his life with his human. It features simple emotions and a perspective of the world as seen by a dog. Through all the complications and troubles that his human goes through, Enzo the dog is always by his side, urging him to keep fighting. The title refers to the racing of cars in the rain. The trick isn’t to slow down as you tend to do on instinct. This in fact might lead to skidding. The trick to racing in the rain, is to speed up and use your momentum to carry you through treacherous times.

the art of racing in the rain


GOAT DAYS by Benyamin

This story is about a man who finally seems to hit the jackpot and gets a job abroad. His beginnings are humble, having come from a relatively poor family in Kerala. However, when he reaches his destination, he realizes that he has been conned into taking the job. Benyamin narrates the story in first person, as he leads a harsh life of captivity, away from all the comfort of his home. He learns a whole lot about himself, and the goats he spends his days with. A page turner, and a great book, goat days will remind you to never give hope in the face of adversity.

goat days


LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

This book takes you on a boy’s journey as he is separated from his family, and forced to question his faith in God. He learns that his mortal enemy could also be his only friend. This is a book of learning, and overcoming fears, wrapped up in an adventure. Don’t forget to read between the lines as you follow Pi while he’s lost on the sea. He has nothing but one lifeboat, a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and of course, his dear friend Richard Parker.

 life of pi


STARGIRL by Jerry Spinelli

Star Girl moves into a new town and seems a bit odd to the rest. Only one boy can see just how special she is. This little book celebrates uniqueness and non-conformity, which is such an ordeal for high school children. If you have ever felt like you don’t really fit in, Star Girl takes you into and beyond the alienation one feels, turning it into something quite desirable. It makes you ask the question, ‘why not stand out and dazzle them all?’.








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