How to reinvent yourself?

Its never too late to reinvent yourself.

There will come a time in your life when you feel things are not going right. You start to feel your life getting out of your control and every day becoming a nightmare to live. It is at this point the character of most people is revealed. It is at this time, you’ll see people quitting.

Seeing the whole world come at them with full force, their already clouded judgment begins to question the existence itself. Now, you get two choices- either to quit and live as a quitter and a coward for the remainder of your life, or you hit back, harder than ever, and take the goddamn reins of your life back. Now, this metaphorical situation can apply to any aspect of your life- studies, office life, private life, etc.

A Harvey Specter quote will perhaps encourage you more:

" If you are backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down"

Now, the thing with fighting your opponent is that, when you hit them the hardest and most unexpected punch, as we talked earlier, it surely will stun the opponent. The opponent will never see it coming. The few moments delay on his part should give you enough time for a comeback and you can down him with a barrage of blows and kicks. But, should you have a delay and hesitation of your own or your unpreparedness comes in your way, then its game over for you.This time the opponent will land a KO punch and the match bell will ring.

Likewise, when you are facing a similar situation in your life, be it studies, just acknowledging your situation and a promise to come-back won’t do anything but disappoint you again. So, unless you have a carefully crafted plan, a well-thought-out reinvention strategy, your comeback won’t work.

If you’re in a situation where you have to reinvent yourself, here are 15 ways that can guide you through this transformative journey.

  1. Acknowledge your situation: When your life goes completely beserk, there is a high chance that you start blaming the circumstances and the people around you as the reason for your defeats when the truth is that the person to blame is YOU. So, when it comes to reinventing yourself, you have to first acknowledge that you are the one to blame for your defeats and your methods were faulty to apply in the first place and that you are ready to welcome change in your methods.
  2. Analysis of previous defeats: You can’t create a foolproof plan for victory or a well-thought-out reinvention strategy when you don’t even know your mistakes and weakness. Thus, before planning anything new, first analyze your previous endeavors as to why they failed, where it went wrong. Once you pinpoint your mistakes and weakness, use this information when you make the new plan.
  3. Work on your skills and weaknesses: Once you get an idea of yourself from the previous step, start improving yourself. This is like practicing for an upcoming battle where you get to hone your skills. Remember, building your arsenal is an important part of the process to reinvent yourself, so don’t take it lightly." Work on your weaknesses" by Cain Vasquez
  4. Set your goals: Once you know where you stand, with all your weaknesses and defeats, the next important thing is to set your goals. Remember, goal-setting in itself is not a very easy task. While setting goals, you can easily get swept with emotions and set some unrealistic target which you can’t achieve. But, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to set easy goals either. Remember, nobody ever achieved something extraordinary by doing things that are ordinary. So, while setting goals, keep every factor in mind and set a goal that is tough but achievable as this will motivate you when you’re not in the best of your spirits.
  5. Wake-up early: Early morning is the secret weapon whose importance many people don’t realize, but has the ability to change the whole game. It can have the effect like the Atomic bomb did for the United States and the Allies in World War 2. For more deep insights, you can refer to my article on waking- up early.
  6. Prioritize your tasks: Prioritization is a skill that most people think they know, but only a few of them can use it effectively to boost their productivity. Prioritization will not only get the work done but it will also save you a tremendous amount of time. An effective way to prioritize things is to create a good daily timetable and follow it. In addition to this, you can use To-do lists, Pomodoro techniques, etc. to boost your productivity.Priority is the key.
  7. Attach yourself to the right people: The importance of the effect of good company and a bad company is known to everyone. It is something that you can find in the Bible or the Bhagvada Gita itself. Having the right company works as a positive catalyst in your endeavors while the negative one will corrupt you and slow you down.
  8. Be honest with yourself: This is the thing that will keep you on ground and aware of your surroundings. When having a full-on combat with your opponent, if you don’t have the knowledge of the ground, the spots where you are vulnerable and the moves that you landed wrong, it sure as anything means that you are not in control, and you do KNOW, what happens when you are not in control. Not practicing this step will render the whole idea of ‘Reinvent yourself’ useless.
  9. Get out of your comfort zone: Comfort zone acts like a black hole. It sucks anything near it into oblivion, the same way comfort zone sucks you into failure. Getting out of your comfort zone and working hard can make things possible, that you never thought were.
  10. Take one step at a time: Reinvention is a process that could take time.  Take steps to accomplish your end goals. For example, if you want to get in better shape, than the first step would be going for a walk, the next step would be setting a schedule, then getting a gym membership and finally eating healthier. Take it one step at a time.I did it.
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