You may study the whole year, but if you lack proper revision then you will not be able to give optimum result. Revision can often be boring but you need to come up with interesting ways to make it fun. So here is my blog to help you find some interesting ways to revise.


Mind Mapping:

Mind mapping is one of the best ways for revision. It is good for making revision interesting and creative. When you are done with your topic thoroughly you can write the whole topic in some key words. This well help you to organise your thoughts.  



Use timelines:

You can use concept of timelines to revise some important innovations and experiments year wise. Though this method is great for history/civics, it can be used in sciences too especially physics.

Discuss with your friends:

When you and your friends are done with a particular topic. Discuss the topic among yourselves, contradict each other so that you clear your concepts. You will come up with new things which you might   have missed while studying but your friends will make you aware of that.

Spider web:

You can use a spider web to write about a whole module on a single sheet with use of minimum words interlinking the subtopics and making sense. Hence explaining the topic.

Teach someone:

Best way to revise something is to teach your friend the topic. This will make you go through the whole thing once again without getting bored. If you can teach someone properly then you definitely know the topic well. It gives you lot of confidence.

Give mock tests and last year papers:

One of the best ways to check your preparation and give it a boast is by attempting papers. They help you to increase your efficiency, teach you time management, and checks you much do you remember from your preparations. One of the most important thing is to correct your mistakes after paper. maintain a mistake copy and revise it on a daily basis.


These are some ways to make revision easy, interesting and beneficial. So I hope this helps you all with your preparations. All the best!


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