Saving money by using your talents and hobbies

Saving money can help plan a better future. Sometimes you find that it’s difficult to save money if there’s no income or allowance to begin with. For example, if you get money only occasionally, this goes into daily expenses.

Making money is better than saving money

The challenge is to make enough money to save for yourself. This could go into a fund for college or big investment like a scooter. Do not underestimate yourself in this regard.

There’s many different and creative ways you can make some cash. Here are a few ways you can convert your hobbies into assets –

Taking guitar classes

If you can play a guitar, and if you have one – what better way to share that knowledge than through classes! You can take weekly or bi weekly classes for children or adults. This can work well with your school schedule too – maybe do it on a Sunday or Saturday.

This is extended to other musical instruments too.


Busking on the street

Does your city have a popular hub or square? Why not take to the streets with your music. You can do it as a leisure activity on weekends. Leave a hat for donations from passers by. You can team up with a friend too.

Jasleen Royal - street performer


Walking or grooming dogs

Find out any pet owners in your neighborhood. Offer your pet care services for a marginal price. If they see your good work, they might be willing to pay more. Plus, they’ll let all their dog owner friends know about you.


Cooking for a working person

If the culinary arts is more your cup of tea, think about cooking for cash. Many working people don’t find the time to cook for themselves. You could do them a service at a nominal price, and supply a lunch box meal every day. ¬†

cooking staples for a working person

You’ll need to do some cost-profit analysis before going ahead with this one. If you’re a budding chef, this should be good practice for you.


Sell handmade jewelry

Arts and crafts go a long way in business. You can make beaded jewelry and sell them online or through friends.

beaded jewlery


Sell artwork

Sketches, paintings, charcoal work can all fetch a good price if you learn to market properly. Again, sell these online or through a friend. You might just make it as an artiste.

selling art online


Sell secondhand clothes

Are you guilty as a shopaholic? Even this habit can be put to good use by selling old clothes you’ve never worn. You will find customers for 2nd hand clothes as long as they’re clean, not too old, and in good condition.



If you’re a natural born neat freak, you can bring that to disorganized home owners for a price. Small apartment owners are happy to receive any kind of help they can in this regard. You can rearrange their cabinets, files, bookshelves and charge a good price for it.


Tuition classes

If you’re thorough with your school teaching, and that’s all you spent your time doing, by all means -teach! You can select only a handful of children to take tuition classes for, and charge reasonably. Once they go home to their parents telling them how good a teacher you are, there’ll be tons more coming to you for sure.

Work in restaurants/shopping malls

You can learn to time orders and work on your balance when serving food. In shopping outlets, you learn to deal with customers and stand around all day. Either way, it’s a great way to make some money.


In conclusion, remember that it’s never too early to earn for yourself. Take any talent you think you have and use it to your benefit. If you face any problems due to notions of social taboo, keep at it. Making money for yourself through odd jobs is never socially degrading. It’s the joy of being independent that will carry you forward.

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