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Shiv Nadar University- college review

Many of you reading this are at a point where you’d have to decide the college in which you’d spend the next three/ four years of your life. Deciding, which college meet your needs the best. Been there, done that!! It is a lifetime’s dilemma. We at Winuall would like to help you with your decision by bringing up reviews of some of the well-known colleges.

College: Shiv Nadar University
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Shiv Nadar University(SNU), established in the year 2011 is a well known private university run by HCL founder, Shiv Nadar and his team (some basic information which you can access on it’s site here!) A university which spreads across 286 acres of land it brings you a college life experience which will help you throughout your life.
We are here to tell you all you need to know about SNU.

Life at SNU

Pretty damn amazing.

    1. You won’t find a better hostel anywhere else in India. They give you common rooms, gyms, and canteen all in one hostel. You will rarely find a broken bed, table or chair and even if you do the maintenance committee solves the problem the moment you inform the authorities about it.

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  1. The night life. Period! Yes, yes, yes there is a night life at SNU wherein you can roam, eat, dance, sing or simply chill with your friends anywhere on campus.
  2. Freedom. You get the freedom to do anything that’s permissible by law. You’ve the freedom to roam around, interact, have jam sessions, dance your heart out, at any time of the day or the night.
  3. Cultural groups and activities. no matter what’s your area of interest you will find a cultural group for that.
  4. SNU gives you plenty of opportunities to grow, to learn something you have always wanted to learn but couldn’t, to meet people who will motivate you, enjoy with you and grow with you.
  5. SNU provides you with no opportunities to feel home sick.
  6. There is always something going on in this university. Whether it’s a cultural activity, sports related activity, seminars etc etc.



Facilities at SNU

  1. Day and night food. SNU mess is open till 2am, so, if you are feeling hungry after that long, long and long study workout you always have an option to grab a midnight snack. Apart from the mess, there are kiosks and library cafe to grab a meal from.
  2. Multi Disciplinary. You get to know how much every stream is related to the other and how you can land up doing something entirely different than what you thought you would. It’s the best place to focus on one thing, if you have it figured out or to just experiment with whatever you feel like.
  3. Research opportunities. SNU give its students opportunities to research in whatever field they like.
  4. Teacher Assistants and most of the teaching staff reside on campus thus giving students an opportunity to interact with their mentors at any given time of the day.
  5. Effective student committee to help you raise your issues to the concerned authorities.

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Academics at SNU

Snu provides almost every student with a scholarship band (there are three categories of scholarship based on your board exam scores).
There are presently four schools namely:

  • School of engineering
  • School of natural sciences
  • School of humanities and social sciences
  • School of management and entrepreneurship

The faculty at SNU is amazing. They are well-qualified and very knowledgeable. For more information about the concerned department’s faculty you can visit Shiv Nadar University – Let’s Discover Again! –> Go to respective schools –> Faculty –>click on each faculty member’s profile to read more.

We hope it helped you!! 🙂

Admissions for SNU are open. Here is what you need to know about the admission process.
Click here to apply .

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