Smart work v/s hard work


“Practice makes the man perfect”

The idea that you should work smarter, not only harder isn’t anything new but it is also said that one should put one’s mind and soul to his/her work and grind oneself to achieve the desired target.

What is really the difference between smart work and hard work? Smart work could be categorized as the larger domain which essentially includes some portion of hard work too but the amount of effort that one puts forward in hard work is far greater than what one puts in smart work. Smart work is used to achieve short term goals and also includes a greater share of fate or luck.

However, hard work is a process which one applies in his/her journey of life to get what one wishes to achieve. The above written subtitle very well goes with hard work. The biography of all the successful personalities specially sports persons be it Virat Kohli, PV Sindhu or businessmen such as Mukesh Ambani, Bill gates or any other famous people who worked day and night grinded their heart and soul in their works and interests brings out the evidence that they worked hard and never reached out for short cuts.

Like the process of photosynthesis where the plant primarily concentrates on producing carbs, collects the ingredients works entire day for it and finally not only achieves it but also produces a very important by product- Oxygen in this process. The cycle of hard work is similar to it, where when  puts in  his/her energy in their domain and later not only get success but also get fame, money, and other incentives based on their type of work; the by product is not only in terms of monetary gains but could also be abstract like satisfaction, motivation to work harder, family support etc.

People often confuse smart work with short cuts. Well this could happen with anyone but, one should remember that there can never be short cuts to success and mark the word never. If you have been experiencing favorable outcomes with working less or being distracted during your work time and you think that this activity could help you in long run then my friend let me tell you that you are very much to experience down fall, sooner or later you will understand that you were wrong and god forbid then it would be too late.


Important examinations such as Jee, Neet etc. requires the right blend hard work and smart work for students to get selected in reputed or desired colleges. One should not rely on just working hard and spreading their toes in all areas without the knowledge of their subject or even just concentrating on a single portion which is most likely to be asked about and ignoring the rest of the syllabus rather one should select the precise topics to be worked upon and then they should work hard for it.

In short do not follow the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” rather you should know what you are doing and work ‘intelligently’. Perfect blend of smart work and hard work would definitely get you your desired result and if not, then don’t give up and work for it again with a different strategy you  know your strengths and weaknesses if you have that inner feeling that whatever you are working for will not give you happiness eventually then change your field and put your sweat and blood in another area.

“Having perfect ingredients doesn’t always matter you have to be that intelligent chef and follow that unique process to get your perfect dish”-Be that intelligent chef guys. Ponder upon it!






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