What is the strangest IIT JEE story?

This happened to me during IIT JEE examination 2010.We had to give two papers on the same day i.e both in morning and the afternoon session.
Exam Center : Loyola College, Vijayawada, AP.
First Paper :
Examination hall had approximately 20 students arranged in 4 rows of 5.
Invigilator explained that the qn paper & OMR sheet should have same code.Gave my paper,had lunch & got back to my seat in the same room for my second paper in the afternoon.
Second Paper :
Qn papers along with OMR sheets were distributed .I realised that the Qn paper code doesn’t match to the code of my 1st paper.I ignored it initially as it shouldn’t matter as long as the code of Qn paper & OMR sheet match.One guy pointed that out to the invigilator.She then said something which scared the hell out of me “Oh,your hall ticket number’s last digit should match with your qn paper code , otherwise your paper is invalid !! “She went on explaining the evaluation process “say a person A has hallticket ‘XXXXX3’, his OMR sheet is evaluated with code 3′”.I was like “what did she just say???”.My hall ticket’s last digit was 6 but I got code ‘0’ for my first paper due to the mistake made by previous invigilator.I didn’t imagine something of this sort would happen to me.I wasn’t the only one, approximately 1-12 students faced the same problem ..,
The worst part is yet to come,I stood up from my seat asked her to talk to the college authorities about the situation immediately.She then screamed at me on top of her voice saying “your 1st paper is not valid anyway, concentrate on your 2nd paper atleast!“. I wonder if she knew anything about JEE cut-off mechanism.I didn’t know how to react as there was no point attempting 2nd paper if I don’t clear the cutoff for the 1st. I didn’t keep quiet ,asked her to call principal or whoever required, or I would do that. I argued that its the matter of students’ career and she just can’t sit there doing nothing.Apparently except for one ,the other students of the room might not have taken JEE seriously for they were just listening to the conversation, like some drama in a theater with few others having a good afternoon nap.After 15 min or so ,the Principal and some other people came into our room,took our fingerprints, signatures asking us details of the first paper by that time almost 45 min of 3hrs scheduled time is over and I haven’t marked a single answer on my OMR.I was so disturbed by that incident and wanted to meditate for 3 min to give a fresh start to the second paper. To my horror, the invigilator started cribbing about me that “I will see which rank she gets, she was complaining about the invigilator,made principal and others come to the room.This has never happened before under my invigilation, it’s all because of few people who think that they are gonna topJEE bla bla bla..”. She was upset as I chose to inform principal against her wishes.I wish I could do something to shut her up.Every now and then she kept throwing angry stares at me. I felt like I was under microscope. Half an hour before the scheduled time she started taunting “I see few people are still writing the exam, had it been the case that they studied before, they would’ve finished the exam by now. All they know is to show-off by opposing us etc etc”. All the while I kept quiet for I didn’t want to enter into an argument with her at such a time.I silently gave my OMR sheet after the scheduled time, walked out and went to the Office Room to ensure that the college officials don’t ignore the situation. I was stopped by the security guard and I managed to convince him to let me in.I went inside to speak to the JEErepresentative of that College.As i entered they were laughing , joking around and the principal recognised me saying “Oh you are the one who complained, right? , please go, we know about the problem.We will solve it may be by manual correction of ur 12 papers”. I felt like he was laughing at my luck or fate ,how could I believe that out of 6-7 lakh OMR sheets, they will specially correct our OMR sheets!”. I just left dejected cursing my luck.
My dad came to pick me up, he tried consoling me a lot but it in vain.During my journey back to home,every moment of my preparation, the efforts which I had put in kept looping infinitely in my mind waiting for a breakpoint.I didn’t imagine that something of that sort would happen to me in my worst night-mare.Next day , my uncle suggested that I should write a mail to the incharge of JEE examination explaining the situation.

My sister wrote a mail on my behalf and gave her phone number to contact.
As they say “When it rains, it pours! “, She lost her phone the very same day. Luckily,her sim was for lifetime so she could retrieve her previous number.
When she placed her sim into the new mobile ,can you imagine who was the first caller?

It was Prof Natarajan of IIT Chennai, the then incharge for conducting JEE examination.He asked my sister if he can speak to me personally.A thousand qns,thoughts bombarded with each other in my mind during that one minute.I grabbed the phone eagerly to listen to what he has to say,
“I read your mail and found about the problem  from the JEE representative. We will take care of the issue by manually feeding the right code for your OMR. Whatever you have written , there is going to be a fair evaluation of it.You won’t lose any single mark due to that mishap. All the Best.”

He didn’t need to inform me, he could have solved the issue and left it there. But he chose to give the assurance to a worried student , not many Professors infact not many people do that. I respect him for taking up responsibility.

This incident gave  me a new definition of hope, restored my faith in responsibility.
I don’t exactly know if this falls into the category of a strange story but yes it was a haunting memory, an experience which taught me that
Even if you are alone in your fight against wrong, it would pay off, may be not right away, but it will, for sure 🙂

SriVidya Pranavi, CS Grad ,IIT Kharagpur

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  1. Aneesh

    May 13, 2016 at 12:22 am

    Great! Seriously strangest story ever!

  2. Deepanshu Rekhi

    May 14, 2016 at 10:18 am

    This is really Nice one.

  3. IIT coaching in Agra

    July 20, 2017 at 6:14 am

    Thanks for sharing this post, really i heard it for the very first time and it is interesting, aspirants should know about each and every thing related to IIT JEE.

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