Jee advanced as you all know is one of the prestigious and toughest exams of the country.students who generally crack Jee advanced and score decent ranks in Jee advanced are considered to be the most intellect and  tallented students of the country.

First of all don’t be afraid of this fact that there are Lakhs of people who are sitting for Jee advanced(every year nearly 2.25 of students sit in jee advanced)To be very frank and honest i would like to tell you the fact that your competition is not with the Lakhs of people but only with few thousands who are preparing for the IITs very diligently and faithfully your duty is to get into those few thousands and once you get into those few thousands then you have to improve your rank because you must be aware of the fact that even if you managed to get rank 6000-7000 in Jee advanced and belong to general category then that can only get into IITs of lower ranks and that too with not a branch of your choice

First of all try to know what exactly is the syllabus for Jee advanced majority of the students preparing for Jee advanced dosent even know what is the syllabus for Jee advanced and what is the weightage of the topics in Jee advanced for eg the weightage of class 11 mechanics is not much only 3 to 4 questions are going to come and that too its possible that very few of the students might be able to do them i mean only the TOP 100 so it will not matter much so try to focus on topics which are more important and scoring


The class 12th portion of physics is very important 60 -65 percent of the syllabus will be from 12th for eg electrostatics,magnetism students leave modern physics as it is actually taught towards the ending months and students don’t like to study it because the syllabus has already went above their saturation level i understand it happens with everyone but if you study these topics with little courage and enthusiam they are really going to fetch you an edge over other students as the concepts in these are limited and jee also throws an easy questions on these topics so it will help you in improving your ranks

Study errors and dimension one ques is already going to come for sure, Electromagnetic induction is very important 2-3 ques come every year,optics can also be a deciding a factor so have a good command over it


Have a good command over vectar calculus and 3 D geometry  this section absolutely constitutes a large part, study limit continuity  differentiability properly as it is a building block for many other future chapters




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