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How to Study for Long hours ?

Long Sitting and dedicated self study is very essential if you’re preparing for an exam. Generally, students wonder how many hours a day do the toppers study ? Do they spend maximum time studying ? How do they not get bored ? The answer to this smart studying. Nevertheless  a long sitting is important but how do most of them manage for long sitting is the catch . We have some tips for you as to how to stick real good to your study table and hit maximum productivity.


  • Study in Shifts

On an average a human brain can listen or pay attention to a lecture or any studying for a maximum of 45-50 minutes. So the trick is simple and smooth. If you have decided to study for 5-6 hours , take a 10-15 minutes break after every 45 minutes session.

  • Goal setting and Scheduling

Setting a goal is highly suggested if you wish to have an effective study session. Set your goals for the day.             Schedule your tasks ,  pre-plan everything so you don’t have to waste time midway . This is going to help you go with your flow throughout



  • Maintain your Diet

    A large amount of energy in our body is wasted during digestion , so eat light if you prefer long sittings.Avoid sugars, fried foods and fats to avoid being groggy and lazy while sleeping . Consume ample proteins and carbohydrates .Drink plenty of water and intake caffeine rich beverages to keep your self pushed incase you feel sleepy. Too much of caffeine is also an issue so make sure you don’t consume too much of it.


  • Mental Activity and Rest

    You need to have a healthy mind for good concentration . Deep breathing , practicing Yoga and implementing  various habits to  improve concentration can actually prove beneficial. It’s always advised to stay well rested.7-8 hours of deep sleep can help you stay healthy and fresh . This helps you reset your body so that you can get back to track again.


  • Physical Activity

    Staying Physically fit is going to make you more productive so the best tip is to utilize your free time for some physical activity . Stepping on stairs , playing indoor games, small walks are some of the many activities you can do to keep yourself fit.



  • Smart Study habits

    Be creative and develop smart study habits. Be innovative and try to be curious while learning . Keep testing yourself and never let the interest to learn something go less.


Always think practically and avoid day dreaming or procrastinating. Time is precious. Make good use of  time and these few simple tips to be a better learner and a better performer.



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