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Study or Stu-DIE?

I will ask you all one question – Why do you study?

Study can be tiresome

I would get answers like:

a) My parents want me to.

b) Bleh…no other option. I need marks.

c) I want to become successful.

There are no right and wrong answers to this question. Those who said the option c have found their passion to keep them driving. The others are yet to find it. That’s all. It’s as simple as that.

To those of you who answered option a, trust me, I was one of you till 2 days back. I thought the same. Study because your parents ask you to. Then I thought, what would my parents get if I study? If I get a good placement, I get the job. If I get a job and earn, I get the money. Your parents only get happy when they see you satisfied with your progress.

Study for yourself, for your own good.I won’t ask you to study subjects you have no interest in.Choose subjects you love and make sure you are making progress in it.

Also, many of us find studying a burden(maybe because of how school is). Make studying like any other hobby of yours.

For example, let us make Studying a hobby like playing the guitar.

  • The guitar needs a lot of hand strength to hold onto the strings tight enough to produce the right sound. Similarly, you need to be healthy physically and mentally prepared to study. Make sure you have eaten something before you start studying. It will help you stay fresh. By mentally prepared I mean, don’t dread the moment you have to study. If you have decided on a day and time, go ahead with it.
  • Now, the guitar can sometimes be boring when played alone inside 4 walls. You might sometimes feel like going somewhere with nature around and play the guitar. Similarly, you are bored of studying inside a room? Go outside and get some fresh air.
  • Lastly, you consider playing the Guitar a hobby because you love doing it. Make studying one of those hobbies.

Now, to those of you chose b, marks don’t matter. You would have heard plenty of life stories about how people reach high positions only on talent. Surely, good marks will accelerate the process to success but it is not compulsory to get good marks.

Success is the key

Many of us in Grade 12 studied burning the midnight oil for the whole year that we got tired. Tired of studying.Tired at the sight of books. Some of us even lack motivation for our entrance exams.


When we see a movie, we memorize the scenes just by seeing the movie once. Ever wondered how?

It’s because we have been provided with the visual image of the particular text or dialogue. Our brain registers and understands pictures more easily than text. Try relating what you study with pictorial representations and short forms. This will help your brain to intercept the information.

Movies are appealing to everyone

Here’s a small tip, don’t pressurize yourself. Study in bits and portions but enjoy what you study.

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