Suicide : let’s do it in a better and productive way

Suicide : let’s-do-it
Yes, let’s do it.
Aren’t you thinking about author ,I mean about me. I’m all right. Don’t worry about me.

What’s the problem in Suicide ? Very simple,  do something and congrats , Now there is a wide range available of ways to kill own self because of the human development in every field. Just in one minute you can do it even without pain.
Hang to a fan, eat something poisoned or something else.



Now, I’m considering that you have eaten the poison or something related to suicide whatever you have done.
Wait for enough time . Congrats ,now you are finally dead. You are finally dead, all thanks to GOD. You were also thinking for quite a long time to become dead man. Now you ARE.

Now , just imagine this world after you. What will happen to it? Who all are the persons whose life will be affected? What people will think about you? But what’s the problem in that ,right? You are just a point for them but now that you are gone so has their point. It has changed now. You have gone and very fast, and as you went they left you. In future they won’t even think about you. You mean nothing to them.

Don’t worry, I think two persons are still there who are thinking about you, even when you are gone. They will remember you, they will love you (you know who are they). They will always do.
Oh, I think you had some issues with them. Did they want something very big and very different  or irritate you or enforce you that much for something?

I don’t know. What’s the matter with you(if that was, may be not). But please, for once think about your existence in this world; sorry, now you are dead.

Think about your existence in past in this world. How did you come to earth? Any magic or something unique happened? No. Your existence was because of your parents. You are the product of them and they have rights. I know that they have duties, but still they have rights.
If they did something wrong, who will make them realize? Is suicide an option?
Definitely not. *It’s worst way.*

Do something which you really like

Do whatever you want. Leave your home and go to the counsellors or tell your parents that you can’t fulfil their expectations in by that way they want.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you wanna drive a BMW car. There are two ways. First open a car factory, manufacture the car and then drive it.
Second, earn the money in whatever way you want you want and go the showroom and purchase that. And then drive it.
Which one is better?
Are you getting my point?

Ask your parents that ” what is important for them?” because they love you. I think the same mistake ,they are doing. They are expecting from you the things which you don’t wanna do at any cost or it’s really hard for you.
How can you make a fish to climb on a tree? Fish is good ,not even good ,she is best in something, but something else (swimming). Make them realize about your interest. Do something in your field of interest and you definitely will boom there because that’s the life you chose for yourself.

The way of making them realize should be interesting and please never ever think about suicide.
Imagine the situation ,where you are right now, not in any field of interest. This can also be a situation with someone. Think about your country. Did you ever feel that whatever you do, you do on the ground of country. Country provide you everything but you never think about it. You are so much busy with your problems. You take breath because of the country.


Did you ever try to solve the problems which are existing in this country?
Now, it’s time. Do something. It’s better to serve for country instead of killing own self.

Think about those warriors who fought for you, think about all those soldiers who are continuously serving on the border for securing you. But unfortunately you never think about it. If you would have thought about them, you would never thought about suicide or anything like that.


Are you weak? No, you can’t be because for killing own self we need the maximum power and daring.
Now it’s the time to take a new birth. Be a son of country. Live for yourself. Give your life to the country and become a hero for forever.You have to understand the education system.For understanding please refer this link http://astushar.blogspot.in/2018/04/vishvaguru.html .

You can do it and only yon understand it because you felt that daring. You felt that power. Now it’s time to think in this way and feel it.

Oh, sorry, forgive me because I think, I am talking to a dead man. You can’t do anything anymore.
Can you??

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