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A major consideration after successfully failing to get a seat into IITs for the first time is taking a year off which is commonly called taking a long term. But is it really a good decision to make. If so in which cases would it deem fruitful and which cases is it not suggested? This would be the major confusion arising in every head. Here are the pros and cons of it that clear the cloud of confusion.

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  • It is no less than gaining a second chance at something you are desperate about. If you are serious about taking engineering at a particular place, you get to lay a very good foundation for the path you are about to lay.
  • It fills up loop holes in your concept. But that is not all of it. It fills up the loop holes in the person’s confidence as well. Repeated exposure to examinations is a good thing too. The experience gained can’t be forged or got from any other source and so is valuable.
  • You will attain a detailed understanding of what you are about to deal with. This allows you to give the exam more freely and with greater confidence.
  • The result at worst would be better than the first attempt and so the chances always favour you a better college than the previous one

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  • It is a gamble no less and the outcome by itself depends and varied factors. The most important of them would be your level of persistence.
  • Being all fired up is a good sign and this is seen in almost everyone taking the second chance. But only a few of them succeed in getting t=what they signed up for. This is because it is a walk down a narrow road where you are done once you fall. Making the resolve last long is a herculean task in itself.
  • It can tempt you as the stakes are just a year of your life but can offer you what you want.  But the rate of success is to be considered. It is not as high as you dream it to be.
  • A loss in this, though is just another option, is more than just that for people with successful cousins. When you fail in long term, you automatically get judged and becomes the laughing stock for people.

Ultimately, going through the same syllabus for an entire year is not as easy as it may seem and requires a set amount of resolve to persist. It also demands mental fortitude to not break during this period of intense pressure. All of this and all you get is a chance. So going for this option is only suggested when you can actually do it.

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