The best guide for memorizing

A large portion of the Indian education system is based on memory strength. No matter how hard you try to find logic, there would some part which you need to mug up.
Therefore, mugging or cramming becomes an essential practice to get good marks.
The below guide will tell you tips to sharp the above skill.
So, here we go.

1. Timetable-
Make a timetable that fits your way of learning things. Some people like to study a single subject in a day. Others like to give small sessions to each subject in a single day. See what works best for you so that your mind is fresh all the time.

2. Understanding the content-
Even if you need to mug up, the process will become easy if you understand it first. Just give the content a random read and make a foundation in your mind.

3. Memorising the content-
Now, this is the actual part where you memorize the content. This makes new neural connections in your mind. Memorise it as if you are reading the content for the last time before the exam.

4. Revision-
In this part, you practice the things you have learned and look for loopholes. Everyone has its own way of revision. Most commonly it can be broken into three types-
A) Audio- some people are more audio driven. Here, you can read a line continuously to memorize it.
B) Visual- some people are driven by pictures and have photogenic memories. They can create images in their mind to remember stuff.
C) Writing- for most people, it is easy to remember information by writing it on a piece of paper.

5. Code words-
If still, there is something which you can’t memorize, try forming code words or code sentences. Remember the time when we made a code sentence for remembering the periodic table?
So, this is pretty much the best guide you will find on the web to memorize things. So, go on and start preparing. All the best!

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