Taking on the competitive exam is very revealing. This I say in the sense that the entire process of studying to take mock tests to simulate the real ones and then carrying on to tackle more of studies can either knock the sense out of you or grant you redemption. Either the case the end result being we understand ourselves. We understand the capabilities that bind us and those which define us (totally regarding the capacity to study).

The next step in the process is what we humans are immensely blessed with – observation. We observe and tend to compare. That is when we realize that neither the world nor nature cares about equality as much as it emphasizes it. It is a general observation that some people have better capacity to study. They remember a lot in a single look or spend lesser time to cover the same topic you’ve been spending the entire day on or is one in a million brainiac who doesn’t need the books at all. All of them could be clubbed under the same category as people with abnormal level of natural talent or raw talent.

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When facing the competitive exams, we are thrown in an arena where we fight anonymous enemies those whose names and appearances are unknown to us. And if and when we are faced against those with the raw talent, we are staring at a publicly accepted advantage they were given and we were denied. And yet the exams claim to be fool proof or impartial. The real question to ask would be how can they claim that despite the clear disadvantage we stand at? The answer is simple. The exams are not impartial because of the way they are conducted but because of the fact that we are all human.

Before we get into the details, establishing a proper concept would be helpful to the non-bio people reading this. The living organism is fundamentally made up of cells which form tissues which in turn form organs and then organ systems which make us an organism. This is the very basic hierarchy which exists in our body. Parenchyma are the type of cells whose function would be best understood when we call them the filler cells. The name in itself means bulk of the thing.  These are generally cells that make up the inside of many non-woody plant organs.

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Just like the parenchyma cells which fill up the bulk of it and enhance the general functioning of the organs, there is something in our lives that can help us out. HARD WORK. As stereotyped as it might sound, this is the parenchyma of life. This is what makes those exams impartial. Hard work naturally fills the bulk of your effort and cuts short the obvious difference in your levels of raw talent. It can more than just make up for the difference and can make you attain a higher level than the one you acknowledge as the better one of you two.

Knowing this fact is what can improve your life standards. Remember, if life is a game and these exams are a very tough level to cross, hard work is the only cheat code you could use. There might be better gamers than you, but this cheat can get you to their level. But this is not an easy cheat to access. Good luck in accessing it.

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