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Ten things you should NOT do during your exams

The examination period has always been a difficult time for all of us. It’s that time when you feel like doing everything except for studying. Well, at least most of us. From someone who has spent most of her time regretting not having managed time properly during exams, here are some things you should definitely NOT do during your exams.

  1. Do NOT eat unhealthy:

This may sound strangely frivolous and unavoidable. But eating unhealthy leads to indigestion, lethargy, drowsiness, laziness and eventually wastage of time. You will feel like sleeping at a time when you should be studying. So try not to binge on large amounts of junk food. Eat more fruits, no matter how hard it is. Believe me, it helps. Also, eat at proper timings and try not to have a very heavy dinner.


2. Do NOT take SUPER-LONG breaks:

Manage your breaks well and ensure that they are not longer than you intended. For instance, you should study for like two hours and take a ten to fifteen minute break, not the other way round. Don’t do anything time consuming during the break so that it does not stretch longer than intended. Set an alarm so you don’t forget when to start studying.



3. DO NOT start a new T.V show

I don’t know about others, but every television show I have binge watched, is, much to my regret, out of boredom during my exams. So don’t under any cost, try to get all adventurous and start an interesting new T.V show that you know you will not be able to stop watching.


4. Try NOT to procrastinate:

You could start off by making a list of all the topics you’re supposed to complete and allot a specific time to each topic and ensure that it is done by then. Ask one of your friends or your parents to keep checking up on you at regular intervals.


5. Stop checking your phone continuously:

Switch off your mobile data, WiFi and keep your phone locked in a cupboard if that’s what you have to do to keep yourself from continuously scrolling through your news feed, stalking your crush or tagging people in memes.




6. Staying up late:

You may feel like you are getting a lot of work done staying up late hours but its actually doing you more harm than good. Its better to sleep early and wake up early, especially during exams. It increases your productivity tremendously. Avoid pulling off all-nighters.



7. Not bathing for days:

Some of you might vehemently disagree to ever having done this, but a lot of of us have gone without bathing for a day or two…or more. Who are you kidding? It’s not like you spend those fifteen minutes you would have spent bathing, learning an entire chapter. So shut up and take a bath. It will freshen you up and make you feel a lot less drowsy and lethargic.


8. Leaving everything for the last minute:

It is unavoidable. There’s no way one can possibly be sure about everything before an exam. But it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared from before. For starters, you could write down your syllabus somewhere and stick it up on the board. That way, at least you’ll know what you should be studying. Read through things from before, so you have a brief idea of what you’re going to have to study before the exam. Just, try not to open your books for the first time, the night before the exam.


9. Cramming everything up:

After having made the mistake of leaving most of your work to the last minute, do NOT try to cram things up in your brain by learning everything in half an hour. Your brain has a certain capacity and trying to stuff things in it beyond that will only make you forget the things that you do know.

So there’s no need to be the jack of all trades, learn how much ever you can, and learn it well.


10. Panicking:

Now this, is one thing you must not at any cost do. No matter how much of your syllabus is left, or if you’re not understanding things you’re studying, or if you don’t remember anything you’re studying, don’t panic. It doesn’t help. Never has, never will. You’ll just make everyone else around you panic too and then sit there and hyperventilate as a group. Try to calm down. Take a walk. Drink tons of water. Take a power nap while listening to some music. Rant about that girl/guy you hate, crack some lame jokes, slap yourself and come back on track.

Remember that while exams aren’t always the way we would prefer spending our time, they’re not something one can avoid. Hence, its better to keep your cool in all situations and follow the above given steps for a less stressful exam period.

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