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THINK TIDY: keeping it clean

To all the busiest students and other people working hard night and day to bring out the best in them, I salute. But stand in front of mirror look at you and then a look around you. Are your surroundings as sharp and clean like your minds? Can you find your belongings as fast as solution to your complex calculus problems. If not then you must be aware that your not working 100% towards your goal to succeed.

As your defense you can come up with the facts that you have zero time for what you consider unnecessary task. But folks now you need to know that keeping your surroundings tidy is the primary task. I missed something!! The more important task is keeping yourself clean. Being a  student myself I know it all. We are cats when it comes to bathing.We are almost too lazy to wash our clothes. Our rooms are full of wrappers,books and clothes. But this is surely not a way to live.

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Why to keep it clean??

Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Being tidy gives you an edge over others. By the course of time I am done surviving these are the few advantages of keeping it clean .

Fresh mood:

Get up early. take time to get a bath. Appreciate the day , thank God for everything you have. This makes your mood and boosts your energy to work for the day . Studying is all about to feel the need and urge to study from within . That can only happy when you feel clean and lighten from within. I have seen students getting up from bed and going to class. It does not look nice and fresh.


When you set yourself to study in a dirty room everything out of place blocks your view. It distracts you . It makes you lazy and steadily you are found leaning over your beds. So keep everything in place so that you have an environment which enhances your  studying process.


Health is ultimately the real wealth. More clean you and your room, the germ free you are. Healthy is a big issue when it comes to your exams . Being healthy will enhance and your thinking process. So keep it tidy and think tidy


Cleaning your room helps you to organize. A clean desk is a pathway to a brighter future. When you keep it clean you can easily find your equipment, your ID card, hall tickets.

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There are many more advantages to keeping it clean. But when it comes to preparation this is all you need. Trust me cleaning will give you a break and also shatter all your frustration. So give it a try. There is a 100% assurance it will make one or more things better. So keep it clean,keep it tidy,think tidy.


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