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7 Tactful Steps to make a Tireless Time Table

Is it that Every time you make a time table , You end up following it for a week and something somehow messes it up?
Here are 7 steps in order to make a Time Table that will last you the whole academic year:
  1. Be Realistic : Now, the biggest mistake we make while planning out our time table is that while making it we become over enthusiastic. Let us take for example , the New Year’s resolution , the main reason most of our resolutions fail is because of the lack of the realistic element . To begin with, make sure you realize that you are YOU maybe in the next three years you will stretch yourself to the maximum but still it will be YOU. Make sure you keep in mind your attention span when you set your study hours .Related image
  2. Set a time for waking up : Our Brain is a spectacular organ that keeps giving you surprises about your potential. Let us take into consideration the act of riding a bicycle or reciting The Alphabet, once we learnt them it is next to impossible to forget them.This is because our brain has registered these activities and it takes us minimal effort to perform them. Hence, waking up in the morning everyday at a particular time irrespective of the time will help the brain set a pattern and after a period your brain will effortlessly wake you up.plus, get ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF SLEEP .
  3. Set study hours at your convenience : There are two types of people the morning people and the night owls . Let’s not argue over whose method is efficient as different methods suit different individuals . Your everyday time table might be different so according to your convenience set a set amount of time for studying , be it before going to the coaching or after coming from it .Related image
  4. Liberally and wisely give yourself free time: You must realize that every machine while being used continuously heats up and due to overuses stops working . Similarly, our brain and body both require adequate amount of rest and therefore doing physical activities , listening to music and sleeping are few things that can relax your body from the hectic schedule. So, give yourself some free time everyday.
  5. Keep a different time table for weekends: Now, it is necessary to make a separate time table for weekends because during weekend we can utilize our time a lot more than usual . Make sure you wake up everyday without fail at the same time as you need to set a habit . During weekends lot of us tend to waste time by procrastinating studies ,but we need to remind ourselves that we are in a highly competitive era and hence we need to give it our best shot , lest we regret it. Maximize your weekends.Image result for STUDY time table FAIL MEMES
  6. Keep a set time to do previous Year’s papers: Over the year’s interviews of all the toppers have shown that they regularly gave mock tests and solved previous year’s papers this is necessary to assess where you stand and to manage time. Assign yourself everyday or every other day to solve papers as it will lead you to excellence.
  7. Set a time to Revise formulas: Keep a formula book for the two years and make sure you write down all the important formulas. In order to imprint them in your memory  revise them regularly .Keep a minimum of half an our and keep revising portions of it everyday , be it before sleeping or after waking up .
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