Privacy issues with Facebook – To trust or not!


Is privacy actually taken seriously by Facebook?

MARCH 2018:

REVEALED: Facebook was aware of the massive data theft, one of the biggest privacy issues, and did nothing.” Apologies and promises for a better privacy – ensuring app be the only response from Zuckerberg.

Are you still taken aback on reading about another such instance that made Facebook users insecure? Being interested in technology and its drawbacks, I am not. A privacy issue from Facebook is now just another confirmation of the extent to which they lack the expected accountability. However, the explanations to these from the team vary time to time.

Talking about the recent reports, Facebook knew there exist some loopholes in their security systems but took no relevant measures against them. In the words of CEO, each one of the billions of Facebook users counts for them. Hence, the new app that facilitates users the information of who can view their data and up to what extent. They target on making sure that no other app refers Facebook to acquire user – data, be it the recent ones or those before 2014 with major access already granted to them.

Facebook being unsafe for its users

To know more about the March’18 tech trouble caused by the Facebook team, visit

Facebook has a list of privacy issues that have created a serious doubt regarding its future use among its users.

Besides this, there have been quite – a – few issues resulting in withdrawn belief of users in Facebook. A brief timeline of these issues beginning from the latest ones can be referred to here:

January 2018:

Compliance with Europe’s Data Protection Law lights up new hopes among Facebook fans. The representatives filed an exclusive set of rules describing ways to have a better control of our data.

Europe Data Protection Law

Click on the image to know more about Europe Data Protection Law

This data protection law provides an individual all the basic rights he/she desires for while communicating with the world on social media.

July 2014:

Thousands of users being randomly chosen to demonstrate the spread of emotions on social media. 

Such mood – manipulation experiments would genuinely result into a chaos among people. Perhaps, the intention was to enhance technology this time, but it became a failure due to their inappropriate management skills.

June 2013:

Pictorial representation of how hacking occurs: one of the major privacy issues



Thanks to those who hack not crack!

A White Hat Hacker revealed how a bug in Facebook exposes one’s private contact information to anyone who already had even the slightest of his/her details.

The response this time was informing the affected users and debugging their coding platform.

December 2007:

Visual context to the first privacy issue caused by Facebook


This is how everything had begun.

In an attempt to help users share their information that is otherwise not present on Facebook, Beacon was introduced. Zuckerberg explained how a controlled use of the program could have made it a success. Unaware of the consequences, users were trapped as they began facing advertising privacy issues.

To trust or not, is the big question that arises.

Considering the words given by the team and the outcome as of now, Facebook is prone to losing the interests of many of its present users.

What matters the most at the current stage is the execution of all the laws and the installation of those apps that ensure personal – information safety. Being one of the earliest social networking sites, Facebook definitely has an edge over other such platforms. Utilizing this benefit to its maximum is up to them.

Will Facebook take serious initiatives to discard all its privacy issues? Do the audiences feel trustworthy anymore? This remains to be seen…

For more information regarding hacks in technology, refer:

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