Tips to remember formulas and derivations.

Every faced issued with memorizing formulas and derivations while preparing for an exam or test? Mathematics and Physics are the one specially who have plethora formulas and derivations and often most of the questions are based out of these derivations and formulas. Ever burnt the midnight oil trying to mug them up and still blacked out during exam? Not anymore , we’ve got some good tips for you.

  1. Practice 

    This might sound pretty simple but actually is very effective , in fact most effective . Try to practice the formulas again and again , keep implementing them and solving questions till you get a good grip over the overall concept.Definitely works.

  2. Use different techniques to hit your memory box

    Trying to memorize hefty formulas and derivations can get tedious sometimes . Everyone tries to memorize them in different ways that never fail. Try story boarding when remembering formulas. For example , think of a jig saw puzzle how you try to fit different pieces so that they just fit right and you get the perfection you’ve been looking for , bingo same way try for the formulas.


    Take example of a game how one action of your will consequence into something . Same way try sequencing with the derivations and formulas. 1

  3. Understand the concepts

    Cramming up is not always preferred . Fine , if there are very limited material go for it , but if there’s too much   to remember you’re going to end up messing up and mixing up everything.Screwed , aren’t you ? Try to analyze and understand how the concept and how the formula is structured and how was it derived so incase you happen to forget the formula too you will still remember how was it derived.

  4. Memory quickies

    Use simple ways to remember the formulas . Say , writing them on colored cards or some sticky notes or some mini sheets . They always prove effective. Challenge yourself or your friend on memorizing the formulas.giphy

  5. Take Plenty of sleep

    Staying healthy and taking plenty of sleep is very essential if you want to keep your brain and body well and optimized . While sleeping definitely helps you recover from fatigue it also helps you with your memory . A good sleep of 7-8 hours is always suggested . So squish up your pillows.giphy (1)








  1. Chetan

    February 6, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Really nice tips. Gonna follow them for sure. Thanks a lot Ishaan.

  2. Chetan

    February 6, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Really nice work.

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