Tips to manage your time better

Now we know how difficult it is to manage 24 hours of your day, maintaining studies, parents, social life and what not. It just gets harder and harder with each passing day.
To make it a tad bit easier for you, we bring you some tips to manage your time better:

1) Make a to-do list

This is probably the most important and the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is spare fifteen minutes of your pre-bedtime to make a to-do list. Got that chapter to complete, revision to do, assignment to finish, meeting with your professor, put it all there and keep checking it. Striking out entries once you are done with it (which brings an immense sense of achievement).
You have to take care of not overdoing things for yourself while preparing that to-do list.

To Do List

2) Prioritize
While preparing any plan for the day, make prioritizing a habit. That ways you will know what things need your urgent attention and what can be held and you will be able to complete urgent work first


3) Know your deadlines
Often at the end of a session you magically get bombarded with work, assignments, tests, form submissions, document submissions etcetera etcetera. Make a list of those deadlines as well, in such a way you will never forget important dates.


4) Early as a bird
Alright, believe it or not, early to bed and early to rise is actually the best advice our parents have given us.


5) Track your time spent
It is advisable to keep track of your time, when you have got things to do you cannot give more time to a task than what it actually deserves.

time spent

6) Leave buffer time in between
We are no machines and neither is our mind. It cannot work 24*7 and have no rest. From jumping from one task to another keep some buffer time for your self and for your mind to achieve better output and a healthy mind.


7) Figure out the type of person you are
Are you a morning person or a night person? You’ll be more efficient if you work when you’re at your best.

8) Set your long-term goals and stay focused
If you find yourself wasting time on unimportant things, check your to-do list and get back to work. Set your long term goal (like mine is owning a beetle, small of a goal but just wishing for it won’t get me a 30 lakh car)


9) Find time for your body as well as mind
A healthy mind is home to a healthy body. If you want to work hard and achieve that goal you have set out far, you have got to do what your body wants you to. Regular check-ups, exercise and healthy eating is important.


10) Manage your sleep
Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. If it’s time to sleep, list the things you still need to get done on the next day’s to-do list and go to bed.

sleep well

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