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First of all I would like to say to all those, who are dreaming to take admission in Engineering Colleges by cracking the JEE main and JEE Advance Exam, that the success in the joint entrance exam is not a thing that can be achieved by chance.

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It is the result of overall preparation contributed by the student himself, expert guideline, physical Institutes and Joint Entrance Exam Main On-line Coaching.

Here are some useful points you can include in your strategy:

1. Students should make a month long strategy for revision with particular topics assigned to each day. Fix some hours for each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It would better to take all three subjects in a parallel way.

2. Revision strategy for JEE Main preparation should start from selecting the mistakes which you have made during the last mock tastes. These mistakes will tell you exactly which points should generally be taken into sharp consideration.

3. Try to know your weaknesses as per the topics honestly and bring these topics under stronger focus. You can assign a larger time period to those topics which you think more difficult.

4. Build your revision strategy involving the concepts which need to consolidate by revision. It will fill the gap built of the insufficient understanding about this concept.

5. Put your notes forward now to revise the whole course in the short time period. Make these notes from revision perspective.

6. During self study, you can pretend differently to delay the schedule which you have set as a part of your strategy. This way of revision can compel you to make just formalities in the name of revision.  Try to follow your schedule as you planned with no delays.

7. You can keep almost last 10 days free in order to revise the small topics like communications, green chemistry, mathematical induction etc.

8. Give some additional time in your strategy for consolidating important formulas which must be learned well so that you can develop your performance and speed while solving sums in the exams.

9. Don’t avoid the problems thinking that you have already solved the same problems during the preparation. Revising them will help you a lot in reminding the possible mistakes.

10. Going for the revision session available on JEE Main On-line Coaching sites can be one of the best options. The experienced professionals design revision programs, sample papers and mock tests focusing on the complete course.




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