Truths about the Indian education system

Now if you are reading this then you probably are a student. In today’s world being a student is all about competition and standing out of the crowd.

Twenty-five percent of our life is spent inside the education system. The other seventy-five percent is when we make a living.

At every point of our educational life, we are told that marks are everything.

Well, here I am going to tell you the blunt truths about the education system which will surely blow your minds away.

  1. Marks don’t affect your life-

There are a number of personalities who didn’t receive a very good education. Just because those people had the work ethic and practical skills, they have established empires today.


Our teachers always tell us that the marks we score will affect our seventy-five percent of professional life. This is so not true. They say this because our marks determine their current professional life.


This brings me to point number two.


  1. Institutionalisation

This word means attached to a certain institute because of working there for a long time.

Now, our teacher, coaches, or instructors are mostly institutionalized.


The word of the institute is always right for them. They absolutely don’t question the authority.


But being institutionalized is not their fault. Their whole life they work for a certain institute and abiding the norms becomes their habit.


The problem arises when they don’t give importance to the ideas of students which don’t match with institutional ideas.

  1. Friends teach more than teachers-

As we go for higher studies the role of the teacher is minimized and most work has to be done by oneself. Here, friends play an important role. They teach us a lot of things including some life skills like teamwork and communication skills.


  1. It is just not meant for everyone-

Now, there are two kinds of people in this world. The first category comprises people who are analytical, who work systematically and like a pattern.


On the other hand, there are some people who are creative, think out of the box and don’t like working on a strict timetable. Well, for the second kind of people, our conventional education system doesn’t work.


For instance, just think about a regular day in a school/college. The day starts with a mass assembly where students are given instructions. Then they move to their classes and do their work. Each class is separated by a bell sound.


Doesn’t this resemble a factory system? Exactly yes!


This type of education system was brought into India by the British because they wanted analytical people like clerks to establish their business here.


And the pity is that we haven’t tried to change this system which is still destroying the lives of many people.

So, this is pretty much it guys. If you are in an educational institute or are planning to get into one, don’t stop. But still, keep in your mind that there is much more than getting good marks in this place. So, keep hustling and stay happy.


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