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And the vacation goes puff!…maybe not

This August 17th will mark the 10th anniversary of the first premiere of Phineas and Ferb. And it makes me sad that we still haven’t solved the problem those two great pioneers set out to solve. Because it still looks like the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it. So, what do we do with our vacation?

With the semester mostly done for almost all colleges, it’s now time to head back home for that long awaited supposed hibernation. But we all know that doesn’t happen. And more importantly, that is not what we need. After the initial few days of rest, we are fully rejuvenated. So it is time to get to work and start ticking some of those tasks off our to-do lists. But before we know it, it’s somehow the last week already, and time to start packing! So much for all the talk about getting things done and getting your life back together after that trying semester, eh?

But you needn’t worry. There are many small habits you can inculcate pretty easily to bring about substantial changes in your vacation routine and make it much more productive and rewarding.

First off, you need to think back to the previous semester and think of the things you’d wished you knew how to do. It can be anything. A programming language, a software that comes in handy for your labs. Or simply reading up on some interesting concepts. Or even something not really related to your field of study. Like maybe a foreign language, or something that you might be interested in like reading about astronomy, or politics. Or a skill that you have been wanting to learn for some time like playing the guitar or swimming. Make a list of these things in an order of priority.


Next, start making plans as to how you go about accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself. Do the research carefully. If you want to learn a subject, could be anything, find out the best books. Figure out if you need classes or an online course or YouTube videos. You could also teach a lot of things to yourself.

Start getting all the material you need. Get the books, or trace down the tutorial videos, etc.

Remember, it is important that you do these things in an orderly fashion. Because you need to feel like you are back to work. And just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you get to while away all your time watching movies and sleeping.

Now you need to start. And what might be one of the most essential components of this whole plan is someone who watches over you. Someone who keeps checking in on your progress from time to time to keep you in line and keep you from getting lazy and losing motivation.

The other thing that you might want to focus on during your vacation is your daily timetable. And what I am going to say might sound really basic, but we all know we struggle with these things on some(or many) levels specially when we are in hostels, with no one to help us out and left to do all our work on our own. So you need to watch yourself for a few days and figure out the most problematic parts of your routine, the parts that disrupt everything else, and fix them. Like not waking up in time for breakfast. Now that you are at home, and you don’t have the pressure of deadlines pushing down on you everyday, you can quite easily focus on these little details and set them right. And see for yourself the huge difference they bring in general productivity and well being.

There’s also another thing that most of us ignore quite conveniently during our semester, maybe because our immediate society does not necessarily call us out for not focusing on it. Which shows us how single-minded and blind to other aspects of a good life we have become in our chase of perfect grades, but that is a conversation for another day. The thing I am talking about here is our health.


Not having regular meals because of hectic timetables, eating out very often because you don’t want to eat in the mess, not engaging in any sports because you just don’t have the time and never working out because, well, you don’t work out. Sounds relatable? Well you might not realize the significance of this right now, but not giving your body the essential nutrients and the necessary exercise will manifest itself in chronic health conditions later on in your life that, in retrospect, will not be worth all that soft drink you had. So start with detoxing your body. And eat good home made food that will be both nutritious and delicious. Also, start working out, or pick up a sport that you like. This will give you a better break than binge-watching that TV show, and will also be great for your health.

So stop sleeping away these precious days, because however long the vacation seems, it will end, and before you know it, you will be back in your hostel, and I know you want to be at least a little less messed up, right?

Lastly, always keep in your heart what Phineas and Ferb said:

This could probably be the best day ever!

And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely be a million-and-six-times better!!

So make every minute count, jump up, jump in and seize the day,

And let’s make sure that in every single possible way,

Today is gonna be a great day!!!



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