Use vacation time to the fullest –make the most of your day!

We wait for vacation time to stretch our legs and relax. But is that all vacations are for? Have you ever felt like vacations tend to derail you from your goals? It starts out amazing because of the change in routine. So much more free time to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it! But, give it a week or two, and you might find yourself whiling away your time. Boredom sets in before you know it.

The way to tackle the vacation time blues is simple. You have to make an itinerary for yourself, a game plan. The following are a few tips on how to plan a vacation at home.



Think about all the fun things you have wanted to accomplish over the year. And also think of all the not so fun things you have to do –like studying for a major assessment after break, researching college options, working on your French.
Make a list of these in a separate category. For example, improve water color technique can go in the ‘art work’ category. Solve a worksheet can go under ‘school work’.

Make a fun to-do list



Making a timetable for spending your vacation time sounds terrible. Don’t worry. It’s just a precaution to make sure you are able to pack in a lot of fun stuff to do. Without putting these rules or parameters up, you might tend to stray too much. Of course, put in a lot of time to lie around, watch television and go out with your friends.
But remember to make these time slots reasonable.



Yes indeed, it is time to relax and unwind. But if you think about it, having more than 2 weeks to relax really ends up going out of hand. It’s inevitable that you might sleep too much, or spend too much time texting or playing video games. You might regret it later, thinking you had so much time to experience new things.

Take time out to try going on that nature hike, or visit a far off place. Perhaps you wanted to learn how to cook something off of YouTube. Maybe you could adopt a stray kitten and learn to take care of it. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine how it would feel, at the end of 2 months to ask yourself what you did all vacation. Did you learn something new and discover more about yourself? Or did you watch a repeat of Friends on television for the 10th time in a row.
Explore. Discover.

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