Ways to handle pressure in class 11th

Pressure handling in class 11th

Class 10th is where you need to revise a given portion as many times as you can and that’s it. You’ll be asked a definite set of questions over that particular concept every time. However, no sooner do we enter class 11th, it’s like a huge leap rather a shock. The syllabus is huge, the questions are complex and the time is little. So you can feel the pressure once you enter class 11th. To reduce this sudden jerk, you can follow certain steps:

Strengthen your basics: Once you are done with class 10th examinations, you have a lot of time at your disposal. Spare some time for reviewing certain important concepts that you learnt in class 10th. This will help you to grasp things more swiftly in the classroom. You will also be able to concentrate on the main concepts once you are well-versed with the inter-related basics.

Some of the topics that you could go through:





Trigonometric formulas, identities and derivations (if any)


Units and measurement

(Order of magnitude, significant figures etc.)

Significant figures
A little bit of calculus


Motion(as studied in class 10th ) Mole concept and related concepts
Permutation and combinations


Work, Energy and Power Gas laws


Heat Periodic properties
Binomial theorem


Sound Types of chemical reactions, their nature etc.

Begin with NCERT: We all know that NCERT discusses the most basic stuff. So do not jump into some reference book before going through NCERT. This will give you a clear picture of what all topics are important and within the scope of the syllabus. There are many extra topics present in reference book which need not be paid attention to.

Time management: Class 10th syllabus is comparatively easier and so you do not feel the burden. However, in class 11th everything seems to be unmanageable. To avoid such nuisance make a proper schedule and follow that come what may:

  • Assign some time for maths because maths is one of those subjects in which you need rigorous practice. Invest some time daily to practice maths.
  • As far as physics and chemistry is concerned, spare equal amounts of time for both and try to revise whatever is being taught in class.
  • Your weekends should be dedicated to solve questions related to the concepts you learnt in that particular week.
  • You should also spend some time playing outside or any kind of physical activities.

This is one way you can set your time table. You can formulate your own time table based on your convenience but do not overlook the essential aspects that you need to keep in mind.

Appropriate guidance: Most of the students go for private tuition or coaching centers. However, they end up switching between various classes and do not get time for self-studies. To avoid perplexity, select one place that you are familiar with. You can also talk to your seniors about where you can get the best teachers who will teach you as per the syllabus give you tips for the examination and clear your doubts as and when required.

Do not pile up stuff: A number of students hesitate in getting their doubts cleared. This should not be the case. Feel free to ask doubts. Assign some time to work on your doubts yourself and if you are unable to solve the question talk to your teacher about where exactly do you face problem. Ignoring your doubts can land you in an unhealthy situation.

Do not waste your weekends: You should dedicate your weekends for solving as many questions as you can. You cannot expect things to pop up in your mind during an examination. Therefore, it is very important to solve as many questions as you can.


I believe following these steps can prove to be a good start of class 11th and can relieve you from the pressure and fear of examinations especially in subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. You will also be able to cope with the syllabus in school as well as in your coaching institutes.


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