What are the dos and dont’s for IIT JEE preparation?

Well, your style of preparation should ideally follow slightly different plans depending on the amount of time you have in hand. Nevertheless, I will list out a few DOs and DON’Ts which are applicable at any given stage of your preparation.


  • Be sure to practice as many previous papers as possible. Move on to mock tests only once you’re done with that.
  • Take a 5–10 minute break every 45–50 mins. It might seen like a huge waste when you add up all those minutes you spend on breaks, but trust me they only help you remember and recollect better in the long run
  • Start your study sessions by solving a question or two from any of topics from the subject you love the most. Follow that up with a significant portion of time being spent on that subject you really despise. This will make the ordeal more manageable.
  • Make simple charts and diagrams about those few important formulaes and diagrams and put them up on your bedroom walls. Just seeing them everyday is gonna help you recollect better


  • Don’t not sideline any subject because they aren’t really up your alley. I personally know a lot of people who where incredible in a subject or two, but their final rank suffered due to the insufficient focus on their weaker subjects. Be sure to spend more time with your weaker topics, even if it ain’t as enjoyable as learning your favourite subjects.
  • DO NOT compromise on sleep. I cannot stress this enough. Sleep helps sort your thoughts, move important information from temporary to permanent storage and discards irrelevant information, all while providing you with much needed relaxation.
  • Don’t let bad performances in mock tests etc bring you down too much. Always be objective and never obssess over any of your previous performances. Extract and retain anything new you’ve learned from your mistakes and move on. I’ve seen countless examples of people acing the actual test though their performances were only satisfactory in mocks
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