Can I suceed in IIT JEE?

IIT-JEE,  imparts professional education in India. IIT  Stands out as one of the best in — infrastructure, faculty and placement record. To get admission in such college becomes competitive with lakhs of students competeting to secure a seat out of 11000 seat in IIT.

In the previous two decades, about 20 million students could not make it to IIT! I can bet that majority of these are well placed and happy today. The point to be noted is that the success ratio in IIT JEE is not even 5%. Did you know that Oxford university accepts every one out of the five applicants while these IIT’s allow one out of more than 120 applicants! As such, not getting successful in IIT-JEE is technically a no-failure. (SOURCE- ndtv.com )

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The candidates have 700 days to prepare for JEE and qualify for it. However, not getting selected for admission in IIT, in no way means the student does not deserve a place in one such premium institute. These competitive examinations are more like cricket – it all depends on your show on the ground. There are many students, who performed exemplarily great, all the while during their run-up, but on the day’, their pen slipped! Even Mr Sachin Tendulkar could not score a ton in every game that he played!

As an IIT aspirant, the biggest ever mistake you could make, is to judge yourself by the result of one examination! How can some one judge based on just 3 hour test! Top colleges like MIT see the entire profile of student and not just judge them on the basis of a 3 hour test. A 3 hour test can not reveal a persons eligibility!!

Be it IIT or any other goal– one should never make the target look larger than life! As per one report, less than 2% employees of, the most coveted science and research-oriented employer, ISRO are IIT graduates! In the year 2014, student Chitrang Murdia was the ‘JEE Advance’ topper & secured for himself the numero uno IIT seat – Computer Science at IIT Mumbai! However, just within a few months he quit his B Tech programme at IIT Mumbai & went ahead to pursue physics at MIT, US!

Once a man was sitting under a Kalpvriksh – a hypothetical “Wish-Tree”, where all desires come true! It was hot summer, and the man thought – only if it rained, I would have enjoyed getting drenched. To his surprise, it started raining. Then the fellow thought, ‘only if I had a pair of new cloth with me, I could have walked out of this place dry’! The desire came true, and a neatly ironed trouser and a shirt appeared from nowhere! That’s when the man finally thought; I am feeling hungry – only if I could get some sweets to eat. To his dismay, there appeared a plate with idli-dosha!

The man asked the kalpvriksha – why dosha? Why not jalebi? The Kalpvriksha replied – dear human being, “we know you are a sugar patient and excess sweet might be harmful to you!” Friends, sometimes we should learn to accept destiny as the universe knows whats good for us, better than what we know about it for ourselves! Several years ago, Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder Infosys & council member of the board of Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai failed in one of the medical college entrance examinations. In the book, “The Secret of Leadership”, Mr Prakash Iyer quips, “Had Kris not failed the medical entrance, he may have been in some little town in Kerala today,prescribing antibiotics for a running nose!” (source- https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/)

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If you do not pass in the JEE, do not get depressed; if at all you feel so – convert your depression into anger and resolve to become victorious in your next target. Success is all about being able to stand up the tenth time when you are not able to make it on the ninth attempt! It’s always vital to have a fall-back option.

Success or failure is a matter of perception, and the reality is that ‘life moves on’. Setbacks are never meant to live long. Successful are those who forget their past and look forward to achieving bigger goals. Look ahead; many opportunities are eying at you!

Be Successful!

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