What to do a day before JEE?

JEE tomorrow? No worries! The past 2 years all boil down to the last day, and how you choose to spend it. Many people don’t realize the importance of the last few days of JEE preparation. Here are some tips for the last couple of days –

  • Concentrate on reactions, theorems and formulas – starting something new at this point won’t help as much as revising the basics that you’ve studied before. You can never be too prepeared!

  • Don’t panic – There is no need to stress about topics that you’re not that confident about, the last minute panic will only lead to more worry. Revise what you know, and make sure you’re calm and composed.

  • Solve Mock Papers – Ideally, the last few days should be for solving old papers, and timing yourself. It will help you get used to the format of the paper and the how you’d want to divide your time.

  • Eat Healthy – Eat a good breakfast before your exam! Eat brain foods. Stay away from too much sugar which might be bad during the test.

  • Sleep Early – All the night-long study sessions are over, and now is the time you let yourself rest properly for the big day!

  • Reach The Exam Centre Early – Make sure you have your documents ready, wear something comfortable, and find your seat and room number ahead of time. Last minute panic might cause you to blank out.


Stressed much? Smile. This is the day you’ve worked so hard for, and it’ll be amazing, and nothing less.

Best of luck!

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