Which subject to do first?

Every one giving JEE has the same doubt “Which subject to do first?“.

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Well every one has a strong subject and weak subject. Always remember; you need to focus on weak subject first rather than strong subject. But at the same time you should understand that too much is bad.


It shouldn’t be like you concentrate too much on weak subject that you don’t study strong subject. Remember every thing should go hand in hand.

I have seen people concentrating too much on weak subject that they don’t study strong part, and at the end of the day they have high marks in a subject while less marks in other subject. Always try to score high in strong subject and average in weak subject.


Make a time-table and allot a timing for a particular subject. Don’t go beyond that tim. Over a time you will master it.


Also try avoiding long distance travelling for coaching classes.  Time is a major requirement for a JEE aspirant. And people spend most of their time in coaching class. For such competitive exam its necessary for the aspirant to do self-study and not alone attending class.


Avoid sitting in same sum for long time and consider keeping a appointment with professor every 3 days in a  weeks to solve doubts. Don’t hesitate in asking doubts no matter how much silly it be.


And Last but not the least never judge yourself base on a test paper marks. Give your best shot and avoid getting influenced by friends success story in a particular exam. A method may work for him but may not work for you. So have faith in yourself and try different techniques. You never know which might work for you and do wonders.

Never give up or get demotivated. Life gives many chances. Remember there are many who are in same trouble as you. But act wisely and smartly. That can have great effect in exam as well as exam. This exam is not the end. There are many exams in life. ALWAYS LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES RATHER THAN BLAMMING. And it shouldn’t be like” without studying I scored this much so with studying I can reach high.” This comes in every individual mind and this loop goes on in every ones life. So due to this thinking there is not  much constructive done. Never let this thought come in your mind. Remember who has to do will do and excel. EVEN A DUMP CAN BECOME WISE THROUGH HARDWORK. 




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